March 27, 2006

Mini madness

Posted in Commentary at 4:11 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

If you have followed this blog for any length of time, you know I bought a Mini off eBay and I use it for a Postfix email server along with DNS. It has performed these duties with aplomb and now it’s time to start playing a bit more. I added a Newertech external drive (160 gig) a few weeks and now I’m getting ready to install OSX Server on the mini. So I’ve partitioned off the 160 into two partitions and cloned my Mini to one of the partitions. Why clone the Mini? Well, I heard a while back that the mini drive being such a slug would benefit from a firewire drive with a reasonable rotation speed instead of the miserly 4200 RPM of the Mini. And since I have the new 160 gig, it was no great shake to clone the mini and run a few benchmarks. I used Xbench software to test my drives. This software has a cool feature of comparing your stats to an online database of other benchmarks. The short version is that the firewire drive was about 30% faster overall compared to the built in dog of a drive in the Mini. So for the same price as a decent 2.5 inch drive, I was able to get a 160 drive with 7200RPM and more USB/Firewire ports to boot from 🙂 So, why buy just the drive?

Another fun item is called Ajaxwrite. This site uses the programming language called AJAX to give us a complete word processor via a web browser. It was started by the same fellow that started Lindows now called Linspire due to Microsoft taking offense at the lose relation to the Windows name. And this service is FREE for now. I have also been playing with ThinkFree which is web based by using Java and is also offered as a local client. Both are nicely done but I think that the Ajax solution has the edge for now since Ajax has the speed and response time. But everything changes so it is just a matter of time for Java to catch up.


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