March 31, 2006


Posted in Commentary at 6:02 am by Michael Sweeney Media

As you know I have been happily beating against my OSX clone and so far it has been very interesting. I do not have more than 1024 since I can not change the refresh rate on the ATI card and I dont have sound but thats ok, neither are fatal errors. I did make a change where I added a new Intel 10/100 NIC with an onboard processor (server card) and re-ran the benchmarks. The CPU picked up a few points, the floating point picked about 20 points. The memory test picked up 12 points with “fill” going from 69 to 131 points !! All the memory functions across the board picked a bit here and there. Even the disk IO picked up a few points of improvement. The disk throughput still sucks being a very slow IDE unit but it’s interesting just how much of a difference giving the NIC it’s own IO processor can make even on an older system. I plan to rerun some network benchmarks to see the differences on network throughput next.

I got my DVD/CD burner working and it appears to work just as well as the iMacG5. No coaster up to now and it doesnt bog the system like in Windows. This brings up a point, on this box, it was my beater with Windows XP for three years and I know it’s performance well. I can honestly say that OSX is faster across the board and “snappier” in usage than with XP. The boot up is amazing, under two minutes start to finish. XP took five minutes on a good day.

I keep thinking where can I get the cash for a new Mac now that I have been able to test and play with the Intel version. This test may get expensive đŸ™‚


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