April 5, 2006

Windows within Windows

Posted in Commentary at 6:09 am by Michael Sweeney Media

I knew Apple had this up their sleeve. Much like Crossover for Linux, Apple today started a public beta of a “emulator” to run a virtual session of Windows XP on an Intel based Apple. Sort of a virtual PC in reverse. Yes, I know you can buy a crippled version of Virtual PC from the Evil Empire but MS has never taken the time to really make it work well. Apple has decided to include this “virtual PC” into the next release of OSX as part of the OS. As someone who uses Crossover with Xandros, it’s always been impressive on how well it works and how fast it is. Inquiring minds want to know if Apple has borrowed the same idea of using libraries for the API calls rather then emulate the hardware. I would think they could given both OSX and the new Virtual PC use a common Intel base. Apple can probably give direct access to the CPU for certain tasks which would add speed to the virtual session. Anyways, the link is up on Apple’s site but it’s dead right now, I expect by midmorning it will be live and I will be one of the masses trying to get my copy going today šŸ™‚


I’m soooo dissappointed with Apple. Here was the chance to really shine and all we get is a lousy but fancy dual boot method from within OSX. Crap!! I would think someone would translate WINE to run on Drawin/BSD so we can have a real way to run Windows apps within OSX and not have to leave our OS of choice. Better luck next time Apple.



  1. Richard said,

    Yeah, http://darwine.opendarwin.org/ isn’t quite ready for prime time…

  2. MikeS said,

    Right now I’m playing with Parallel for OSX. It’s not ready either for prime time. But I heard a rumor of VMware for OSX in the near future.–>

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