April 10, 2006

I see the light

Posted in Commentary at 9:45 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

My iSight camera finally came back from Apple repair after close to 5 weeks. And then it’s a replacement, not the original camera. So to refresh you all, my original camera worked when I brought it home but after a while, it stopped. I’m not sure when since I dont use it alot but it would sit there and constantly click on and off and it killed iChat to the point I had to reinstall iChat. That is a whole another topic, that reinstall. But anyways, I get the new camera and it works for the first few minutes till I update the firmware. No mas.. gone.. kuputz. The update killed it.

Move the clock forward a few days, I get a new 2.5 drive with USB and Firewire. The drive works on my MacEll OSX clone and the Mini and the iBook but refuses to spin up on the iMac. So I get a powered firewire hub by Belkin and try it, success. Then I get to thinking about the camera and how warm it gets which means how much POWER it’s trying to suck down. I hook the iSight up to the Belkin, and.. SUCCESS!! The camera is alive and well.

So, the iMac G5 has weak firewire power, too weak to drive the new firmware in the camera and some other devices. But the Belkin makes it all better.

Also, get a copy of iGlasses to make it work better than new. This software adds alot of features to the camera that Apple should have added but didnt. And at 9 bucks, the price is great đŸ™‚


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