April 29, 2006

Changing Times

Posted in Commentary at 7:26 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Well, it’s into spring and summer is fast approaching here in SoCal. Things are in flux as always but in a few weeks, there may be some big news listed here. How is that for a teaser? 🙂

The more I play with Parallel’s software, the more impressed I am. I have two virtual systems on my Intel right now, WindowsXP and Fedora Core5. Both run pretty well but panic now and then. So there is a new beta out today, beta 6 so tomorrow, installing we go again. Each time it gets better.

I did a quick intranet web site for work the other day, the irony is that the site is an internal resource for hosting Windows script files 🙂 Built on a Mac of course. I hit some walls with the limitations of the templates of iWeb but I did find a way cool resource that offers the XML code as documented code, free blank templates, graphics and some cool templates for sale. Drop by 11Mystics and check out the site for goodies!

How many times has your ISP screwed up and lost mail for you? They crashed their own servers, lost their internet connection or worse? Mine did this several months ago, they blew up the RAID, lost a drive, lost power and then had bad backups. No site and no email for three days. So now I run a Mac mini as my email server but I still use the ISP for now to piggyback some spam filtering since I have to pay for the site anyways. But I went to DynDNS and bought their MailHop service. The MailHop service puts in a secondary MX record so when the first one fails, the second one will take delivery at their servers and store it for a few days until it can be delivered. In my case, I pointed it to my own email server directly. So my ISP will be first and then MailHop takes over if and when they drop off line again. Cheap insurance when you run a biz off email. They are not the only ones who do this, but they have been very reliable for me for the past year.

The iSite has been absolutely reliable with the Belkin powered firewire hub since I installed it a few weeks ago as I mentioned. Everything so far has worked on the hub without a problem.


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