May 9, 2006

In Transit

Posted in Commentary at 10:10 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

My Intel Mac sound card doesnt work with 10.4 but I hear rumors of a patch that makes it work. But, being lazy and spying an opening to buy yet more hardware, I bought a M-Audio Transit USB sound card. Very spiffy piece of work with 24 bit sampling and fiber out or a mini plug out. The sound quality is outstanding for the 70 bucks it cost me. Used the new Intel drivers off their site and I have tunes!! I celebrated by listening to my favorite NPR station all day and felt that I had finally gotten my news fix under control.

I was able get a visit to the Google campus in Mountain View. Great people and some pretty decent perks and I’m not talking just the free lunches and Naked Juices dotting the landscape. When I see people carting around new Macs and running two or three 20 inch plus LCD monitors, plus the toys, I get geek envy šŸ™‚ According to the world of Google, there never was a crash, they are still living the dream and looking like they are doing well at it.

I’ve been playing with Evocam for the past week or so and it’s a pretty neat piece of software. It has turned my iSight camera into a real webcam where it can be triggered via motion sensor, timed, streamed, saved and more. This is yet another piece of software that is cheap but reminds why Windows blows. Well written, works right away, no mess and no fuss. And did I mention cheap? And yes, that is one of my Matrix posters in my office šŸ™‚



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