May 22, 2006


Posted in Commentary at 9:30 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

I finally cracked and ordered a new, actually a refurb’ed, Intel based mini to replace my hackamac Delac (dell mac) wannabe. The past two months has convinced me that the Intel is a sweet design and the mini will what I need it to do at the office. So I found a nice deal at Apple for a 1.66Ghz refurbed Mini with a gig of RAM and a hundred gig drive for 800 bucks. That is the going rate for ebay queens and this one has a year of support via Apple. That was a no-brainer.

The 17 year old was just given her new MacBook Pro for college and while the notebook is very nice (she almost didnt get back from Dad), we had a failure on the power adapter after just a couple of weeks. Two of the power pins pushed in and would not pop back out so the notebook would rarely charge without alot of effort. Apple made good on the 90 warrenty at the store and replace the brick without a problem. No fan noise that I can but then I’m half deaf from too much rock and roll (or server farms)

I’m a big fan of Mahjong and I found a version that I really like at Bonehead. The registration is something like eight bucks. Cheap entertainment for me 🙂

I just tried the newest OSX version of Skype and it worked very well. I did a 30 minute Skype to Skype call for a podcast (In the Trenches) and the quality of the call was excellent. Maybe they finally got it right for the Mac.


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