June 2, 2006

Switching Minis

Posted in Commentary at 9:26 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

I love my new Dual core Mini 🙂 It’s small, elegant and fast. But what really impresses the heck out of people is when I use Parallels (RC2) to show off running Windows XP and then using YouControl:Desktops to “flip” the entire desktop to a new one with different icons and wallpaper and it’s fast! There is a free switcher called “Virtue” and it’s actually been included in Parallels. It’s fine but I prefer YouControl even though you have to pay a small amount for it. I find YouControl to be a more polished product and less buggy but that is to be expected since I paid for it. But free is good and both rock on Intel or PPC Macs without any real problems that I’ve seen. In the screens below you see the configuration menu and the icon menus. You get an icon view of each desktop and you can expand it out as I did here. Very clever!!!

I have to say that I retired my Delmac today with the final configurations of the new Mini. It’s nice to have real video that I can adjust and I stayed with the 24 bit Transit audio card even with the Mini. It just sounds better than the built in sound.. big surprise! I also went to a DVI input for the monitor and that made a nice difference in the sharpness on the screen. The Dell keyboard sucks so I will have to replace it with something else.

My new (daughter’s now) MacBook Pro had an interesting failure. The two inner pins on the mag connector failed to pop out and the result was that the battery would never charge all the way or at all. It took a while to figure this out but the Apple store at the Irvine Spectrum replaced the brick without any reall issues so life is good again.



  1. Hashim said,

    Interesting, and now that we have a sneak peak @ OS X 10.5 Leopard; this feature is standard! Can’t wait to get my hands on it. =)

  2. hackamac said,

    Yeah, it is good they are including it now with Leopard but I think there will be a market for “better” versions like this. Unlike Leopard’s version, each desktop here can have it’s own wallpaper and icon set which is very useful to people like myself who like customized desktops for major tasks. And now it’s universal 🙂

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