July 4, 2006

Microsoft still sucks

Posted in Commentary at 9:53 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

I’m grumbling, out of everything that runs on my Intel Mini, Entourage is the one that half assed works and ends up crashing. To precise, it gets “stuck” and I think it is because it has issues with Rosetta which works fine with everything else. But everything is working well on my Intel mini. My 17 inch iMac G5 crapped out but the power supply was replaced under an extended warrenty and it took less than one day at the Apple store. You have to love ProCare 🙂 But since I didnt know how long or what it was going to take, I upgraded to a 20 inchg G5 and now will sell the 17 inch. I’m also “upgrading” from my iBook to a used 15 inch Powerbook. Why not a Intel? Cost and reliably concerns. My Macbook Pro is going into the shop for random shutdowns even though the battery was replaced at my cost and the power brick was replaced under Apple’s cost. And it’s HOT, too hot to keep in my laptop or any part of my body. ANd since with the portable, I use Photoshop and a word processor, I can get by with the 1.6Ghz G4 for the next year while Apple gets it together with V2 of the Macbook Pro.

Parallels has been just awsome to work with. I use almost daily without issues. Even writing MS scripts 🙂

I replaced my VNC client/server with something called “SpyMe” which has much better speed since it hooks directly into Quartz among other reasons. It costs 15 bucks but over the VPN and with the scaled view, it just rocks. It uses a different port than VNC so I have had both running concurrently without any issues.

We had a AC failure at the office and in order to monitor the temps, I used a remote indoor/outdoor temp sensor with an LCD screen. I then used my iSight camera and iGlasses with Evocam to kludge together a “webcam” with the screen shot of the LCD temp. Worked well all holiday weekend.


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