July 13, 2006

Just Works

Posted in Commentary at 3:38 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

I had a VERY pleasant surprise today with my new/old Powerbook laptop. I bought a used Powerbook because:

A: It has a PCMCIA slot and
B: It was 2,000 dollars cheaper than the MBP I want

But the PCMCIA slot was the important part since I have an EVDO card. I heard a rumor that the newest OSX supported my EVDO card and sure enough, when I pugged it in, it came right up and I promptly connected to the Sprint network and spent the next hours zooming around in EVDO land. Now, I did activate the card first on my Windows machine and I have read that this is a requirement for it to work. Small price to pay.

I was also impressed that I was able to use Superduper to snapshot my iMac G5 and first boot from the image and then restore it to the G4 Powerbook and it just worked. Pretty easy upgrade from the iBook.

SpyMe has become my favorite remote control app with it’s scalable window. And WriteRoom is the favorite for taking quick notes.

The more I use Parallels, the more I wonder why Apple doesnt buy them and just intergrate it into OSX. It makes dual booting so passe. I have excellent performance and stability with it, even running the IE 7.x beta and GreenBorder which is an IE virtualization tool to protect your Windows machine against IE’s many security holes.

I am heading to Rome and Spain in the coming weeks and I plan to use Skype onboard the ship with their wireless internet and see if I can save a buck or two on the cellphone bill. It’s a “Geek Cruise” which should be a kick in the butt.



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