August 3, 2006

I’m back, finally

Posted in Commentary at 8:23 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Did you miss me? of course you did 🙂

I have just spent the past two weeks crusing around the med with Geek Cruises for Mac Mania which was so very cool. There were two tracks running on the ship, OSX and Mac stuff like iPods and automator classes and digital camera and photoshop CS2 classes. Plus on the tours, we had two professional photographers with us to encourage, tease, beat on, laugh at and overall have a great time with while wandering the ruins of Pompeii and stops like Barcelona. Did I mention the FOOD??? OMG, while the food was not “great”, it was very good and there was plenty of it on the Noordam and the food in the ports was pretty cool. We spent a few extra days in Rome tasting expresso and pasta all over town and happily filling up our flash cards with pictures.

We meet some very interesting people (hello to the three twisted sisters! you know who you are), had some great times like the “Great Annual Barcelona Death March to the ship” and other events. And there are the new cultural phrases and lexicon like “stupid mode” which will be forever branded to Jack 🙂

As I get more pictures up, I will post more stories. I would have done this live but the @*@(!@ internet connection on the ship was crap and they filtered some sites and their “security” broke other sites unless I set up my VPN first. I was very tempted to find their IT and first beat them for being stupid and then show them how to really do a network.

And just FYI.. no weight gain inspite of the Sangria 🙂


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