August 27, 2006

NAS for OSX, Finally!

Posted in Commentary at 4:55 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

I have been looking for a long while for a cheap NAS (network attached storage) to work with my Macs. Many are overpriced and even then, they only support Windows, idiots 🙂 Anyways, I was over at our local Costco and I found a device from SimpleTech called “SimpleShare” for 299.99 for a 400gig drive. Hmmmm… he thinks, thats not a bad price for a NAS, should I gamble? And so I do, I buy one and take it home. From the time I unboxed it to running was under two minutes. All the Macs see it fine from finder without any issues using SMB. Outstanding!!!! Even the administration can run on Safari and I was able to flash it to current code from Safari.

The device is amazingly flexible with a USB port for a printer or more storage. The extra drive can be configure as just another volume or you can set up RAID 0 or 1. You can setup user accounts, specific shares and pools. In other words, for the price, this is a very flexible device. So far in my limited testing, it has been flawless and even has a decent response time when opening windows or scrolling. It must be running an embedded version of Linux based on a few cavets such as a NTFS drive mounted as a legacy drive is read only and that the native drive is formatted in a special “raw” state. Add in the few comments about NFS and you can see where I’m going with this line.

Regardless, if you are looking for a cheap NAS and one that works with Windoze and OSX, take a look at this. It is available from places other than Costco but the price was right and I didnt care about the latest “free” software that was included on the newest version. A quick flash brought the drive up to current firmware so the 150 I saved is worth the flash job.



  1. Karn Griffen said,

    Like your blog. I am writing this to you on my 2 day old MacBook. I too am trying to make the switch.

    I use a Terastation NAS, it actually as Appletalk!

    Check out my blog, I’d be happy to share reciprocal links with you.


  2. Rich said,

    Okay, can I access the Simple Tech with PCs and the Macs?

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