August 30, 2006

MacThis and That

Posted in Commentary, OSX Software at 7:29 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

I am now writing my blog using MacJournal or I should say I am trying to 🙂 There is always a learning curve with new software and I wanted to have a real editor and some other features like editing my blog while offline. I have been moving my 18 year old into her dorm room and getting her set up with her Macbook Pro and the half-ass network the school is running. Actually, the school is using Cisco Safe Access which is nice to see but they really were not ready to have all the students there when they arrived. The good news is that I was able to recycle an HP hub and get my daughter and her two roomies on the network without the school’s help. Now, if only they could get the phones to work.

I am getting ready to bring my Mac mini (G4) up on the net as a webserver along with being my email server. I am getting ready to put together a small photo site for my own pictures and the Mini will be the engine at first. Now, if I can get some serious traffic, then I could beg the better half for a new MacPro 😀 One can always dream!! So if nothing else, there may be a 2nd Intel mini in the near future.

I’ve been watching and reading about the Macbook Pro and the so called temperature issues. My Powerbook G4 is not a very cool machine, it averages about 130F and climbs a bit higher when pushed. My 1.6Ghz Intel mini runs about 133F idle and 140F when pushed some using Parallels. And just for giggles I tried to use my Powerbook in my lap. Too hot for me so all this whining about the Macbook Pro and how “cool” their old Powerbook was is a crock. The daughter’s Macbook Pro 1.8 runs about the same or just a bit hotter than the Powerbook. These temps are based on iStat Pro and SpeedIt from InCrew . Also there is a great piece at that puts to bed some of the hype and myths about the temps.


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