September 2, 2006

Mini Web Server

Posted in Commentary, OSX Technical at 3:46 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

For the past few days in my spare time of not feeding two of the under three crowd, work and misc stuff that needs to be done, I got my G4 mini up and running as a web server. I have had it running for months now as my email server but I added web services when I decided to revisit a past uncompleted project. I picked up a domain name called and a template of a nice art/gallery style of website from Allwebco for a reasonable price. With some minor tweaking and some studying, I was able to get my website up and running along with an email form. Since OSX does not come with a CGI form for mail, I found the replacement for the old FormMail script at The NMS Project page. A few tweaks to the script, one was changing the location of sendmail to /usr/sbin and applying the 755 privileges, and we were off and running.

Overall I found the effort to pretty straightforward and easy to get the Mac Mini serving up webpages. I did use Yahoo to register my domain name and they offer relatively complete access to the DNS settings which I needed to change the A record IP address from Yahoo to my static IP. I plan to experiment some more with the webserver and see just what kind of trouble I can get into with it 🙂

On a more fun note, I found a cool app to help me switch around to different iPhoto libraries. It’s called “iPhoto Buddy” and it is FREE and easy to use. If you try it and like it, send the man some beer money, dont be cheap! I bought a different program and in a way, I regret it since I like this one better but the first one’s price was not too bad and I did use for a few months so I can not complain too loudly I guess. There is always a new and better app over the horizon. SO what can you do with iPhoto Buddy?
        ◆        Manage various iPhoto libraries
        ◆        Each library can have it’s own name and thumbnail image
        ◆        Complete listings of Albums, Smart Albums, Folders, image count and size of images
        ◆        Works with any iLife application like iDVD, iMovie and websites
        ◆        Library can be local or remote over a network connection (yippie, read my post about SimpleTech NAS)



  1. Leigh Burton said,

    Hi Mike,

    I have a now spare G4 iBook which i’m setting up as my server for all my server needs, I have it working with my router and its working as a web server if you put in the actual IP address of the router but i’m not sure about which domain name registrar to go with that will let me set it up to go to an IP address instead of a name server. will Yahoo allow me to do this??

    Also what would you suggest in regards to setting up a mail server on this iBook? sadly I think my net service provider has blocked outgoing port 25 if this makes a difference?

    Just like to say you have a real informative blog! its a great read!



  2. hackamac said,

    The iBook will work fine as a server but keep in mind that the 2.5 inch HD in the older notebooks were never designed to be spun up 24x7x365. I use mine ALOT and have not had an issue but I have lost a couple of Mini drives that run 24×7. For the DNS, you need to use dynamic DNS which gives a name to a dynamic IP address by the use of a bit of code that checks the IP all day and night and sends the change to the DNS server service. I use for my email failover and some DNS services and they have been great. Port 25 is not a big deal. You can use any port and some mail services will accept mail for you and then forward it over whatever port you want. Same thing applies for outbound mail. FOr the mail server itself, there is one choice 🙂 Go to and read about the email server that will take less than 2 minutes to install and configure.

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