September 8, 2006

You have Mail

Posted in Commentary, OSX Software, OSX Technical at 12:48 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

One of my complaints from the beginning of my adventures with OSX is how feature poor the mail application is compared to some other applications. In the past few months I have found a good many applications and plugins that “fixed” many of my complaints. One of my favorite finds is called “Letterbox”. Letterbox is a great hack for giving mail the ability to have the reading pane on the far right side much like Outlook can do. I prefer this way to read my mail since my screen is wider than taller. Of course, the best feature is that it’s free 🙂

Other favorites of mine are Dockstar which gives a nice visual to how many mail messages there are which types they are. Another is MailTag which gives me a way to mark and attach metadata to my email messages. This can be a powerful tool to aid in searching through alot of mail. For trying to manage spam, I like to use Spamsieve which works very well. It is stable and effective and cheap 🙂


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