September 29, 2006

The Cat called Leopard

Posted in Commentary, OSX Software, OSX Technical at 9:00 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Thoughts on Leopard:

As a developer using Apples (ADC), I got an early release of Leopard which I promptly tossed on one of my Powerbooks. I have to say that on the surface, very little has changed. The changes are many and subtle. Foe example, the screen brightness now has a new option under battery power called “Slightly dim the display when using this power source” It whacks about 10% of the brightness. There is also a setting now under the battery called “Purchase Replacement Battery” and Battery Health is Poor. Like I said, subtle items but there are a few new ones that get the geeks very excited.

Under System Preferences and then Expose/Spaces.. spaces? what the hell are spaces? Spaces is the new virtual desktop that Apple is including. It is very rudimentary and I really much prefer “You Control: Desktops” for my virtual desktops. But Apple’s is free and it works and it will train people to use virtual desktops because to many, it’s a very strange concept. I have been using things like this my old 386 days with Quarterdeck (how many of you remember that) and so I find the new feature to very limited but to someone who has never used virtual desktops, it’s great since it works and looks much like Expose in feel and function. You can add rows and columns of spaces(hence the name) and they come together and fly apart like windows do with Expose. There is not any way to changes this or to use different effects like cubes, squares, dissolves and so on. You can not have different wall paper for each desktop nor can you have different icons but you can hard code applications to a certain window which is useful.

And Time Machine is there but I have not played with it yet, this weekend I plan to wring it out and see how well or not it works.

So far even as a pre-release, Leopard has been VERY stable and not a single crash which is much more than I can say for my Vista beta test. Things still work the way they have but mo’ better with things like SMB connections and my Cisco VPN connections.

Watch this space as I hit Leopard harder in the next couple of weeks

Here is the Spaces configuration screen. You can see it has the basics but that is about all.



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