October 1, 2006

Cats Paws

Posted in Commentary at 6:37 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Leopards and sharp claws:

As I mentioned the other day, I have put my dev copy of Leopard on one of my Powerbooks and it has been great. But, I did an upgrade to another Powerbook with Leopard and things are not so happy. The upgrade went fairly well and the system booted cleanly until it tried to load “Dockstar” which puked on itself complaining about it does not support this version of OSX. Then Mail puked since I’m using the hack to view my mail widescreen much like Outlook reading panes. Or at least that is why I think it puked. It never did run in the few hours of testing.

My trusty Postfix Enabler puked as did the Cisco VPN which is not surprising given how touchy that client is. But, X Code shell puked which did surprise me. And the previously stable Powerbook now Kernel panicked on every restart. Ouch!! Hence kids, dont use this as production!!! Other tools like TextMate, Microsoft RDP client, RDC menu, MacTheRipper and others worked fine.

I thought I would be clever and use the migration tool to move my account to Leopard, but no go. The damn tool would not my firewire drive or the 2nd Powerbook booted as a firewire device. I suspect some of these issues will be resolved as the release date but I had hoped for better. I guess there much more significant changes under the hood than I had thought given how little the UI changed.

The new Mail is fun with the stationary and integration with iPhoto. I would not use it alot but the few times I would use it, definitely nice to have around. Speaking of integration, I plan to get a new copy of Aperture soon and see what all the fuss is about. I like my Photoshop but I like the idea of tight integration with my iLife tools and iPhoto. That is one of the strongest features of the Mac is how integrated everything is.


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