October 7, 2006

Things only get better

Posted in Commentary, OSX Software, OSX Technical at 9:53 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Well, I have Leopard running on one of my Powerbooks and it rocks even though it is a beta release. So much looks the same but a few things work so much better but migrating user data and applications is not one them, not yet at least. I wrote in detail about this under “Cats Paws”. But I have to say that so far with clean installs and just using it, Leopard is working well.

I gave iPhoto Library manager a real workout as I promised and it works pretty well, even with a 30 gig library. Takes FOREVER to merge and copy the library though. But in the end I was able my Powerbook library with my iMac library and then make a real copy of it on my NAS. Pretty slick overall but I did see that not all of my edits migrated from one library to another. Most of the picture rotations did not make it where it appears that most of the image adjustments such as exposure, sharpness and the like did make it. I really like the ability to switch between different libraries at a click and then run iPhoto which doesn’t know any better.

My newest toy is a Blackberry and PacketMac Syncmanger is now at release 4 which is a huge jump over the last version. There is now a toy to sync book marks from Safari to the Blackberry and sync from dot Mac. There is a new application that is installed on the Blackberry and now you have access to all your bookmarks.

Other fun items is Temperature monitor which gives you all the temps you could possible want. I found it reading about a weak temp probe on the 1.5/1.6 Powerbooks under the track pad that sends the system to sleep suddenly when it fails. TM can pin it down for you by showing you the bogus temps of that probe. Me? I just like watching 🙂

I also found a brightness control which worked very well for about two week and then hung my system with a black screen and would not give it back till I hit power. Still needs a bit of work I am thinking.

I broke down and bought Aperture (from eBay) and applied the new 1.5 patch. It is nicely done with the interface that looks and feels much like iPhoto. But, it’s slower than Photoshop CS and some of the adjustments are not intuitive at all. However, I did promise myself to give it a honest effort. I am also working with Lightroom from Adobe and at this point, I really like it over Aperture. Aperture took over three hours to import my iPhoto database into Aperture and then I tried to shut down and it was “updating” something on the database which took another few hours. At least I could run Photoshop on my 1.6 G4 but I’m afraid to try Aperture given it’s sluggish on my G5 iMac.

I found an excellent and free tool to very quickly resize an image called ToyViewer. This cool toy cna do some basics like fixing color balance, reduce colors, clip, rotate, resize and more.


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