October 10, 2006

Click, click,Adjust the Aperture

Posted in Commentary, OSX Software at 7:47 am by Michael Sweeney Media

Here we are again, I have been working with Aperture 1.5 for the past week and I have to say I love the interface.Mostly I do, I am very used to Photoshop so I’m always looking for things in the wrong place but it’s not bad. As I said before, it is much like working with iPhoto on steroids which is a pleasant way to work with my pictures. I had been thinking that the response of Aperture was pretty good till I tried to use the touch up tool. OMG, what a pig..it was literally click and wait a minute or two for the screen to update. This was extremely frustrating when I was trying t move section of the picture to cover up something. And just for the record, I’m running this on a last G4 iMac Apple put out which is no slouch for performance. This is not acceptable and what is scary is that I’m told this is the “improved” version of Aperture. I cringe to think that this is improved, makes me wonder what 1.0 and 1.1 were like. So far, I have to say that Adobe Lightroom is going to kick Apple’s butt on this. Lightroom is relatively fast even on my Powerbook G4. I would not even try to run Aperture on a G4, it would drink you to drink assuming you could do any actual work. I’m still working with Aperture to compare how it works with layers and other day to day edits I use but I’m not hold my breath based on what I have seen so far.

In the networking world, I dragged my old M0n0wall firewall out and updated it and replaced my Cisco PIX with it. If you have not tried M0n0wall, you should. The price is right 🙂 Right as in free! I did buy a WRAP board to run it on so I have a real firewall with WAN, LAN and a real DMZ port. Right now, I am connected to my iMac via a PPTP VPN connection from my Powerbook using EVDO at my local Starbucks 🙂 You have to love technology when it all works. Why did I not stay with the Cisco? Aside from the fact that the Cisco VPN client has been troublesome, I gave up on it when it would not “see” my EVDO card when everything else did just fine. So I went back to the M0n0wall and PPTP which has been working perfectly. And I want my DMZ port back. The PIX only has a DMZ on the 515 which used is about 1,300 bucks verse free for M0n0wall. You should try Monowall.

Also, about two years ago I wrote a book on Linux security. Lets be honest, it was alot of fun to fun and layout and publish, I did all myself but you do not get rich off techie books. So now it is time for an update and my life has changed enough where I can not put in the effort. So the book will be release to public domain in about a month. The info is dated some but still very usefulto a good many people. To all of those that paid the 10 bucks for the PDF or the 20 for a soft bound version, THANK YOU. Watch this space for the details.


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