October 28, 2006

Must have OSX applications

Posted in Commentary, OSX Software at 10:27 am by Michael Sweeney Media

I found this list at Macspecialist.org but I copied it here since things sometimes “go away” after a while. They have some fine information there and I really recommend to anyone with a Mac to drop by their site and see what all is there.

Essential Mac OS X Applications…
        •        Acquisition – Gnutella file sharing client
        •        Adium – Multi-protocol instant messenger client (my personal favorite)
        •        Address-o-sync – Sync multiple Macs without .Mac
        •        Amadeus – Great tool for audio enthusiast
        •        Audio Hijack Pro – Custom audio output filtering
        •        Backlight – Menu extra toggles screensaver as your desktop
        •        BurnX Free – Burn multiple sessions on CD
        •        Butler – Get more out of Finder
        •        CandyBar – Change your application and system icons
        •        Carbon Copy Cloner – Easy-to-use backup/cloning utility (I went to Superduper and have not looked back)
        •        Chmox – An OS X native CHM file (Compiled HTML/eBook) reader
        •        Cocktail – Simplifies use of UNIX functions in OS X, and more
        •        Colloquy – IRC client
        •        CSSEdit – Visual CSS style editor
        •        DeepVacuum – Download entire websites
        •        Default Folder – Expanded functionality in “Save As..” dialogue boxes
        •        Deja Vu – Schedule regular file backups
        •        Delicious Library – Catalogue your books, cd’s, games, dvd’s
        •        Dimensionizer – Contextual Menu to display an image’s dimensions
        •        DeskShade – Hide desktop icons, terminal lock, and more
        •        Desktastic – Doodle on your desktop
        •        Dock-It – Add multiple multi-fucntion docks
        •        DragThing – An alternative to the dock
        •        DV Backup – Use your DV camera as a backup medium (very cool, I use it for my picture archives)
        •        Evocam – Webcam application with built in web server, FTP, etc.
        •        FileJuicer – Extract images from Powerpoint, PDF, HTML, and CAB files
        •        Fink – Unix Ports for X
        •        Firefox – Open source web browser
        •        Fugu – An SFTP, SCP and SSH frontend
        •        Huevos – Customisable search engine helper
        •        HyperEdit – live previews of HTML and PHP pages
        •        iBank – Intuitive personal finance manager
        •        iBiz – Self-employed time billing manager
        •        iConquer – 1-to-6 player world conquest game
        •        iPodDisk – Utilize your iPod as an iDisk
        •        iRooster – Great free alarm clock
        •        iWipe – Secure disk and file deletion
        •        iZoom – Crop and resize your photos
        •        LiteSwitch X – Keyboard application switcher
        •        Little Snitch – Alerts you of outgoing network connections
        •        MacJanitor – Great tool for running & rescheduling OS X maintenance tasks
        •        MacMame – Multi arcade machine emulator
        •        MacSniffer – View all traffic on a network connection
        •        MacTheRipper – Go Ahead, Back that DVD up
        •        MacTracker – Database of all Mac models
        •        Mac Vim – The aqua version of Vim
        •        Mail.appetizer – Enhance Mail with this small but handy notification plugin
        •        Mplayer for OS X – Another great video player
        •        Net Monitor – Network throughput monitor
        •        Net Tool Box – Handy tool for the toolkit – for network issues
        •        NetNewsWire – RSS aggregator (If you’re gonna use one, use NetNewsWire)
        •        Onyx – System tweaks and configuration
        •        OSXvnc – VNC remote control protocol
        •        PDF Browser Plugin – Allows web browsers to display PDF files
        •        Pixen – Pixel graphics editor
        •        Quicksilver – Application launcher and much more
        •        RCDefaultApp – Preference pane to set default applications
        •        Renamer4Mac – Rename files en masse. Useful for digital cameras
        •        SideTrack trackpad driver – Enhanced trackpad driver for Apple Laptops
        •        Simon Extreme – Classic Milton Bradley Simon game
        •        Skype – Uses P2P for phone-over-internet talking
        •        SubEthaEdit – Use Rendezvous for collaborative editing
        •        Synergy – Adds iTunes controls to your menu bar
        •        Transmit – FTP client
        •        Unison – Usenet newsreader handles messages, files, & media
        •        Virtue – Virtual desktop manager
        •        VLC – Play DivX encoded movies (and more).
        •        VoodooPad – Notepad with many advanced features
        •        Word Browser Plugin – Allows web browsers to display Word files
        •        xPad – Notebook/scrapbook supports drag & drop
        •        XRay – Expanded version of the Finder’s “Get Info” window
        •        xScope – Suite of screen tools for UI designers

I can not believe that they missed youcontrol:desktops for virtual desktops by yousoftware.com. Well, nobody is perfect 🙂


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    thanks, was really helpfull !! 🙂

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