November 10, 2006

Stocking Stuffers and bad vendors

Posted in Commentary, OSX Technical at 1:07 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Lets get the bad news out of the way. I have had exceptional experiences with almost all of my OSX/ Mac vendor up to this week. I was reading a piece in Macworld about a cool piece of software called “Meander” that lets you use an overlay on something like a Google map and mark it up. It’s a very nice piece of software and like everything else I write about, I bought it. But here is the rub, I need a serial number. According to the FAQ when I buy with PayPal, I get (supposedly) an email soon after payment with the serial number. It has been four days and counting without the email. Nor has there been any response to emails to Macpaq or to who handles the payments. None, zippo responses.. so I’m starting the process to reverse the payment with Paypal.. that ought to be fun 😦 So be warned about both of these companies. Neither seems to be very customer friendly and right now, they have 19 of my hard earned dollars and I have nothing. Makes me want to go find a hacked serial number. Bah!!

On a happier note, I pick up some cool stuff for my (one of them) iPod. XtermeMac has a nifty widget called “Micromemo” which is a small adapter that plugs into the bottom of the video iPod and offers a mic on a flexstalk or a jack for a line mic. No configuration is needed, just plug it in and go. The audio quality is very good but it is not very directional so you get alot of side/background noise. You can even record with the iPod in the locked position using the silver logo button on the front of the unit. Also, there is a hidden speaker built in that you can use for the playback which is handy if you are in a hurry to do a quick sound check. A one hour recording at best quality is about 700 meg which is not bad. The saved file format is WAVE which is big but you now have the choice on how to compress it down. This item works better than any other mic solution I’ve tested for the iPod. It’s not cheap, around 70 bucks but it does exactly what it says it will do and does it flawlessly. What more can you want?


I just got an email from Macpaq after I sent them a third request for the serial number. Their side of the discussion is that they sent out the SN right away and responded to my follow up email so it must have been my spam filter. Well, my spam filter is Google since I use their hosted email service and it rarely filters good mail. I’m not saying it didnt filter it but I did look in the caught mail without seeing anything. Email sometimes does not make it and the bad news none of us has a way to prove it one way or the other. I will also add that this last time I sent an email to Macpaq, I got an automated response which I did not get the first time maybe my own mail never made to them. Regardless, they were apologetic and quite happy to give me my serial number without issues. So I have Meander with serial number and I’m quite happy about it. I did tell Macpaq that I would print the details of the resolution so everyone knows that it was taken care in a professional manner by Macpaq. Kudos..


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  1. Chris said,

    Hi Mike – I think there must be something wrong with your Spam filters. Your Activation Code was originally emailed to you on 11/07/06 20:10:21 PST (to wyb******@packet********** – the email address you specified in your PayPal account and the only email address available to us). We also immediately responded to your Customer Service request on the 9th of November, and to the further response you sent today. I’m sorry that you’re having a problem receiving email, but I hope that this message gets through to you somehow. Please contact me directly by telephone at +1 519 630 8882 if you experience further problems. Very kind regards, Chris, Acutus Trading Ltd.

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