November 11, 2006

Christmas comes early

Posted in Commentary at 8:20 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Thats right, for good boys and girls 🙂 My new Duo Intel iMac 20 inch just arrived today via FedEx. Right now I’m migrating all my “stuff” over to the new iMac from the old iMac. I’m pretty excited about it being here with the newest CPU and 2 gig of ram. I also bought a 500 gig drive for it. I have my cloned copy of my XP Parallel’s image all ready to load up and I really want to see how well or how badly Aperture works on the Intel over my old G5. The drive for the new iMac was I need to use some Windows development tools at the home office and the G5 emulators were PAINFUL to try and use. On my slow Intel Mini, XP works very well so I have high hopes for the new iMac to be even better. And since it’s an Intel, I can use Crossover which does not require me to boot all of Windows just to run some of my tools. So tomorrow will be the big day, see what did not transfer over, what did, what did and still does not work and so on. Not such a bad life for a Sunday 🙂

As always, the packaging for the iMac was very clean although I did notice the new double boxing with a plain brown box on the outside covering up the nice Apple box. I guess too many macs were not making from point A to point B. But inside, a work of art. Everything had a place and it just looks nice, unlike my Dell boxes which look like everything was just sort of tossed in at random. Just keyboard, mouse, two DVDs, two small booklets, the iMac and the power cord. What else does one need?

I should mention that the iMac was bought under the developer’s discount which paid for the years’ membership in the savings. Definitely something to consider if you tinker with OSX at all. I get one machine a year at a discount which all my pocketbook can afford, even at the discount. But I did not want a refurb this time, I wanted the newest 🙂 Geek lust is a terrible thing to watch.


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