November 12, 2006

Speed Demons

Posted in Commentary at 10:01 am by Michael Sweeney Media

I migrated my old iMac G5 to the new Intel Duo iMac and checked to see what made it correctly and how well various applications run. Most things made it over fine but there were some surprises like Aperture’s license did not make it. I had to dig out my license and key the SN back into OSX which is something of a pain given I used Apple’s own tool to migrate it. CS2 did not make it right but then it never does. My pictures in several libraries made it fine as did most of my 3rd party tools.

I have to say that just working with the new Mac was impressive with the response of the video and overall snappiness. But being an engineer , I wanted some hard numbers so I ran some very rudimentary checks using iPhoto and one of my larger libraries of 6,500 images. I also ran some checks with Aperture and sure enough, Aperture is a piggy. But then I knew that already 🙂 Here are the details:

Aperture loading intel = 7 seconds         G5 = 15 seconds
iPhoto loading 6K images        intel = 4 seconds        G5 = 8 seconds

I did some quick edits with Aperture and while I do not have times yet, the application is very snappy with this new Mac. Working with adjustments on the G5 was just painfully slow but now go very quickly. It’s shame that Apple has taken a lesson from Microsoft where the only way to get an application to work properly is to throw expensive hardware at it.

Just for the record,

iMac G5 2.0 Ghz 1 gig RAM 128Meg video Ram


iMac Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16Ghz 2 Gig RAM and 256Meg video Ram

The new Mac is rocking fast for what it is and later today I will be installing Parallels on it with XP. Crossover installed without a problem so now I can have both of my worlds at my finger tips. I heard that the new Rosetta is faster with CS2 and I will trying to run some times on that also. Who knows, I may not need to upgrade to universal if the performance is acceptable enough for my needs.


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