November 21, 2006

Treasure Hunt Success

Posted in Commentary, OSX Software at 10:03 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

I have an image that I took of a rose in a bouquet of flowers I gave to my wife to celebrate the birth of our youngest daughter (3 of 3). I took the image and flipped it to black and white and cropped it down with a very nice result. The adventure came about when the wife wanted a 20×24 print over the fireplace. The cropped image had about 1200 pixels to work with and would not size up to 20 inches very well. Enter FixerLabs whom I knew of from a while ago with some Photoshop plugins. They offer software that can resize an image without losing details. It’s not cheap, around two hundred dollars but now they offer the service via FTP for twenty five bucks and a credit if you purchase the software. What the hell, what did I have to lose.

So I fired up Transmit and sent my file off to them, once I found my original image because they need an unsharpened file and hopefully a RAW file. In my case, my Sony shoots RAW but it is so damn slow that I rarely use it. It is ok since a very high quality JPEG can be worked with by the software. And I had that 🙂 Within a day I had the upsized image back on my desktop and it was amazing. I went from 1200 pixels to a bit over 5,000 pixels without any loss of detail I could see. Well worth the twenty five bucks I spent and now, I am seriously considering that I might buy the software and go nuts with a few more images.

I am using a lab to print this image called “West Coast Imaging” and a paper called “Silver Rag”. When I get my proofs I will post my eval of the paper and quality of the print. The final size will 20×24 and I have hopes that the paper will give that sorely missed luminous glow that really good black and white printing could get on silver paper in the old wet days.

My newest iPhoto book came back and I think they may have finally got the quality issues under control. The book was perfect in every manner. Color, tone, contrast and extra crap on the bottom edge like my last one. Every one of the PC users at work were very, very jealous of the book and how it turned out. One guy was ranting that he had enough of the PC and was buying a Mac this Xmas for himself. Another happy convert to Mac 🙂

For those of us who like a bit of non traditional work desk fine dining, try some Big John Jerky. The original and teriyaki are my favorites. The BBQ was too sweet for my taste. The stuff is priced right and Johns ships fast. Just what is needed for that damn all nighter in the datacenter.


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