November 22, 2006

Down with the Tyrants

Posted in Commentary, OSX Software at 9:45 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

DRM or Dightal Rights Management is one of the phrases that does not mean what it says. There is nothing about “managing YOUR digital rights”, it is everything about taking them AWAY, far, far away if the folks like RIAA have anything to say about it. With all that said, the DRM on iTunes is one of the least restrictive in the industry and up to now, 3 years, I have never had an issue with it. I have always been able to play what I want and where I want it. But I need to move some music from an iPod to a cheesy MP3 player and since I had misplaced the CD, I had bought the tunes I wanted in iTunes. Now I needed them to be on the cheap unit. But DRM wont let me do that. Now, I could burn a CD and then re-rip the music, what a pain in the ass that is.

The I read about DRM Dumpster in one of the “other” blogs I read here and there. I always view these “de-DRMing” tools with a very skeptical mind since they rarely work or work until the next update. But DRM Dumpster is different. The story goes that Apple had to show the Europeans how to remove the DRM so iTunes could be legal in Europe. It involved basically ripping the tune to CD and then reimporting the tune. Knew that already but Dumpster is a very elegant application that will eat CDR-RWs all night while working through your entire “protected” library ripping to disk and then re-importing the clean songs into iTunes.

I have to say it works incredibly well for the price which is FREEBIE.. give that man a beer or two or three!! It’s not magic or slight of hand but it will certainly save you time and trouble of manually creating the play lists, burning disks and then bringing it all back into iTunes without the PITA DRM. The tool will NOT rip any iTunes music you are not licensed to own and play so dont think about importing your buddies library and going nuts.

It could not be any more simple to use, just insert a CDR-RW, fire off Dumpster, iTunes and make sure the for assistive devices is enabled. Leave the defaults but check the output which is MP3 by default and hit the “dump drm” button to start it all off. The app finds all the protected tracks, makes a playlist of them, erases the CD, makes a burning playlist and then dumps it all to CD. ONce that is done, Dumpster will reimport the clean songs into a new playlist and repeat so long as there are songs to rip.


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