January 5, 2007

My iLife life

Posted in Commentary, OSX Software at 11:28 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

I use iLife all the time. There, I admit it even as I use Photoshop and lust after Final Cut Pro. For the daily grind of getting pictures out to the inlaws, family and friends, it is very hard to beat iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD. But the love affair is cooling with iDVD after attempting to make an iDVD of our last cruise and Rome trip. I found several limits in iDVD like 99 images, one music track to a chapter, a difficult to edit theme and marginal DVD burn quality unless you know to click a button.

As the owner of a Procare card, which I highly recommended to anyone with an Mac and who needs advice now and then, I made an appointment for some one-on-one training on iDVD to work out the issues I had. What ended happening is that I got a crash course in Final Cut Pro for my slide show instead of iDVD. Something akin to hitting the fly with a machine gun but FCP really does look like a hot ticket for what I wanted. And there is not any way to import my current iDVD project into either FCP or DVD Studio (does not speak iDVD5). I have to say that I am unhappy with Apple that their flagship DVD Studio has not kept up with the home user iDVD software and so can not import from iDVD 5.0, only 4. Bah..

So while I am fooling around with my slide show with FCP etc, I am scoping things out for alternatives to iDVD to make a nice slide show. If anyone has suggestions, drop me a line with the info and I will take a look at it.

I use a Mac Intel Mini in the office and I also prefer to use Entourage due to the basic project management built-in to it and it will speak directly to our Exchange server. But it has never been what I would call “stable” and with the current Xwindows patch, things took a turn for the worse. It would crash constantly until MS released their last “security” patch and so now I’m back to the occasional lockup and crash if I have X up and running. Bummer because it forces me back to the MS RDP client whereas I really like TSClientX. But at least Entourage will stay running longer between crashes. The real pain with X running is the “crash” takes out Rosetta which requires a reboot but the reboot sequence wont work. Even from a terminal session with s shutdown command, it only gets part way and hangs till I hit the power. Such quality software from Microsoft.. doesn’t seem to matter what platform they write for, it is all crap.

A few new apps that I have learned about is DefaultFolderX which improves on the Open/Save options and Desktastic 3.0 which gives you the ability to mark up your screen which is awesome for training and presentations. You can save the screen and it supports the use of a tablet or your mouse. You can select to just write on the background or the entire desktop including open apps. Very handy!

My current favorite podcast, Macbreak, has a good show on GPG which is show number 6. Other links of interest is Digitalphotography at www.completedigitalphotography.com and some very cool Final Cut info at www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/compression_chapter_markers_stone.html


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  1. Can you tell me how to get something from my iCal onto my phone with bluetooth? I can go the other way round, but no clue how to get from iCal to any place else.



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