January 12, 2007

Zealots, consumers and taking over the world

Posted in Commentary, OSX Software at 6:24 am by Michael Sweeney Media

No, this is not a piece about Pinky and Brain taking over the world but the brains at Apple Inc (was Apple Computer) have announced how they intend to take over the world. Apple rolled out two new widgets for the masses to buy, use and drink the Koolade of Apple. The iTV or now called “AppleTV” and a cool cellphone which for now is called “iPhone”. I say for now because Cisco and Apple are now engaged in what promises to be a knock down fight over the name. AppleTV is one of the coolest gadgets of recent memory and falls short in just a few areas. You can not record TV shows so it’s not a PVR. It will play any content on your Mac so if the Mac can record(EyeTV etc), you are set. Just last night I was wishing for it here at the house to avoid yet again, having to hook up my video iPod to the TV so we all watch Dumbo for the 100th time in the last two days. I need to get a bigger battery for the poor iPod, it has been taking a real beating of late 🙂

I have to laugh at the whiners that always complain after the Keynote about this that and the other and how it all sucks. Well, whine away, Steve and Apple are laughing all the way to the bank while you sit there and sputter about how better you could do if they would just listen. Get over it and get with the program. Just because you did not get the one feature you thought should have been in the widget doesnt it make it a flop and the rest of us are tired of your constant complaining. The last thread I read was some ripping at Apple for not offering 1080P resolution on the AppleTV completely forgetting that A: They probably dont even have the TV themselves, B: the 720 resolution keeps the DRM crap to a minimum (read how Vista handles 1080P content) so without too much fuss, Apple is able to bring a solid option to the market and upgrade later after all the dust settles. You really do need to look at the BIG picture and get out of your itty bitty pond at times.

At the show, Maxtor had two presentations that really amused me about backups and your data.

How many CDs can be lost on an iPod or Mac if the it is lost or the drive fails:

How many pictures can be lost on an iPod or Mac if it is lost or the drive fails:

That really drives home the point about needing reliable and constant back ups. “Constant Vigilance!! says Mad Eye Moody” You never know when a dark wizard will suck the soul out of your hard drive or your MBP ends up a pile of slag.

I have been using an application called “PDFpen” for marking up PDFs and editing them with comments. It works pretty well but I have learned that while I can highlight and bold my comments in the application, the bold for example, does not transfer to the saved PDF when viewed with Preview. Thats annoying to be nice about it. You can merge and add pages to an existing PDF which is always handy to have. I use it to review certain network documents and add comments for the non-technical SOX folks to review and to a password to the document. So aside from the few minor complaints, I have to say that it is very easy to use and relatively cheap to buy.


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