January 28, 2007

Take Two Libraries

Posted in OSX Software at 4:59 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

It sneaks up on you, your iTunes library with its bloated files, overwhelming number of podcasts and all the music that you never thought you had to have at the ready before. Before you know it, the library is 40 gig and going up with each new movie studio deal signed by Apple and now, how the heck do you back it up or manage it? The short answer (one of a few) is use a tool like iTunes Library Manager which gives you the ability to have multiple iTunes libraries which can be customized by you for special needs or projects.


A simple but very useful tool for those of us who really USE our iTunes for more than stealing ( according to the music companies, thats all we do with iPods, steal music)

Another tool I have become enamored with is called iClip and no, it’s not a Apple version of the finally dead “Clippy, the talking paperclip”. It is a very cool way to keep a clip pad of data at the ready.


The bins are and the location is also. I use mine on the right side of the screen but you do not have to use it there. It could be on the bottom, left or top side. The default is to have history of 99 items “clipped” but you can get more creative than just that.

I have been using iClip for several months now after my purchase from MacZOT which is a very cool site with a daily software special that is addictive. I find the iClip to be indespensible when I am writing or roughing out some notes for a new article or missive. I can go nuts clipping things whether it be a short word, a paragraph, a picture or even an entire page. And I dont have to think, I just clip which makes it very painless to use. I use mine on the right side of the screen where it is out of site until I need it so it does not clutter up the deskspace which even with virtual desktops is cluttered. And this brings up a good point, iClip works great with “You Control:Desktops” which is my virtual desktop manager of choice. So no matter which desktop I have up, I always have the same clips handy.


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  1. Mike:

    Umh, are you aware that iTunes has support for multiple libraries built right in? Just launch iTunes while holding the Option-key depressed. This will bring up a dialog box in which you can select an existing library or create a new one.

    The UI is not as elegant as that of the iTunes Library Manager, but the functionality is right there.


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