March 14, 2007

Nice Try for Photoshop Seminar

Posted in Commentary at 8:05 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

I went to a Photoshop seminar today, my first one to be exact. I am not sure what I had in mind but after finally getting to the convention center in LA which was a two hour drive in rush hour traffic, I was excited to see the number of people there, a number that I estimate at 1,500 since every single chair within sight was filled. The show, the Adobe Photoshop Seminar Tour, was sponsored by NAPP and my first impressions was that they had done before before. Things were well marked, easy to find and started at 10am promptly which in itself is a rarity for this type of event. Ben Wilmore was the presenter and while I had never met or heard him speak, I have used a few of his books and found them to very usable.

Things went downhill rapidly after the intro. We were warned that we might want a jacket and they were optimistic on the jacket. It was flipping COLD, like freezer cold and since I wear no hair on the head, I was getting a blast of ice cold wind down my head and neck and causing me to get a headache rapidly. I was not alone in muttering about this and I will get back to it shortly. The next issue was the lighting or the lack up. I was jazzed to see TWO large screen projectors up and running with good brightness and sharp enough to see from the back row which is my preference. They had provide a nice book which covered much of the same ground Ben was going to speak on and so I had my iPod recorder out, my pen out and my book ready to go just like virtually everyone else. Then the lights went out.. poof, too dark to see anything in front of you. A few tried to take notes but after 40 minutes, everyone had pretty much given up trying to take notes in the dark.

I decided at the first break that the unrelenting cold, the darkness and the way Ben delivers his presentation was too much for me. I packed it in and bought a couple of DVDs and left the show. The information Ben presents is good but I just dont care for his too polished style of presenting. As people say in the movies, it was like he was “phoning it in” and was not very engaged with the audience. Some people like that and some do not, I fall into the latter camp.

I will try one of these again but not with Ben as the speaker, no offense but he is just not my style of presenter. I will post a sample of the show that made with my iPod recorder in a few days. It was not bad considering everything. At least the DVDs and books were heavily discounted and definitely worth buying if you needed or wanted them. Sometimes shows dont give you very much of a break, this one was pleasantly different in that regard.

And food, or the lack of it. There is nothing around the convention center to go to for a snack and they did not open up anything for those of us who were early. They promised us they would open for lunch but the food there sucks and I didnt relish fighting with 1500 people for 45 minutes of a lunch. Yeach.. note to self, bring a bag lunch.

No place or support for those of us with laptops even though we were supposed to be using Photoshop. My geek cruise SPOILED me in that regard, 30 people with the instructor, internet and power strips. What a deal.


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