March 22, 2007


Posted in OSX Software at 6:55 am by Michael Sweeney Media

I really hate those car alarms that chirp and then start wailing while everyone ignores them. But, I have to say that having my iMac chirp and then start wailing as loud as possible when then the heavy handed cleaning crew starts moving everything on my desk was pretty cool. Even more so since it took a snapshot of the offending person with the iSight camera and now there is proof to show after the denials of “Our crews never touch the computers” BS..

The software is free but donations are accepted and you can find iAlertU at SlappingTurtle and all you need is a Mac with a remote. They only claim it works on a MBP but I tested mine on a Intel iMac 20 inch very successfully. GIven my speakers can play really loud, it was almost too successful till I remembered how to the the damn thing off 🙂

In this screen shot, you can see the circle icon on the left, this is the iAlertU icon


To enable the tool, just hold down the menu button until you hear the chirp that says the alarm has been armed. Now stand back and watch the fun! I set up mine to use my iSight camera and all the triggers. You can use the camera or not and there are several choices of triggers such as mouse, keyboard, movement etc. When the alarm trips, your Mac will WAIL very loudly and take a picture.

Pretty unsavory character messing with my Mac, huh? And whats up with the X shirt? Some kind of Mac zealot? the worst kind of troublemaker 😉


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