April 1, 2007

Blue Teeth and Docking

Posted in OSX Software, OSX Technical at 10:33 am by Michael Sweeney Media

Blue teeth? oh yeah, it’s Blue TOOTH 🙂 I got a Motorola H700 Bluetooth adapter for my cell phone but it works very well with my Powerbook and my iMac. As a test, I configured the headset in bluetooth and then I power up my EVDO card and logged into the internet in the Santa Monica mountains. Great view by the way 🙂 Then I logged into Skype and configured Skype to use the headset for audio in and out. Voila!! I was able to make a very usable call from my Powerbook over EVDO using the headset and walk away for about 20 feet without any issues. The only thing was to remember that the paring code was 0000 for the headset.

I did the same on my iMac and made a call to a friend in England using Skype and the headset. The voice quality with the H700 is very good, the audio speaker in my ear is a bit weak and the headset does pick up surrounding noise very easily. But, it works well and the price is right for the cordless freedom.

I also found a cool piece of software from Stunt Software called “overflow” which is a dock extender. I tend to accumulate icons in my dock since I “need” everything at the ready and I dislike having to dig down in the application directory for the application. But then sometimes I find an app I had forgotten about.


I really like this app over some other extenders because it is very, very easy to use. It also is very non-intrusive unless I need to use it unlike some of the paged docks I’ve seen. The price is right, not free but at 14 bucks, it’s very reasonable for something I use daily and it does not cause me any problems.

Another app I have been using and getting accustomed to using is called “Goodpage” which is a webpage editor. Now, I know there are LOTS of editors out there abd I normally use TextMate to do my editing but I had a need to edit a site with way too many tables and not enough time to redo it all in CSS. Goodpage is an interesting editor that gives two panes, one large pane and one flyout pane and either can show the rendered page, code, layout, nested tables in a graphical layout etc. This flyout with a way to highlight an element and then have Goodpage find and highlight the code was a lifesaver in this table madness. While I like it, it is pricy at 90 dollars so I am not sure if it’s worth it or not. But, it does not cost you anything to run the 30 day demo.


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