April 9, 2007

Truely Hackable AppleTV

Posted in Commentary, OSX Software at 8:00 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Ever now and then a new product comes out and you would swear that the company designed it to be hacked and there is the “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” going on. The new AppleTV is one of those products. They could have sanded the chips, encapsulated the boards and hardened the drive to keep prying little fingers out but, nooooo, the only thing between you and a hacked AppleTV is the rubber mat on the bottom and several Torx screws.

Which brings me to my first item. Why do people have to butcher their AppleTV just to open it? Look, it’s a RUBBER mat. Someone needs to make a mask showing where the holes are for the screws and a few minutes with some brass tubing and whack, whack, a rubber mat hole cutter is born. Lay the map over the mat, whack, whack, nice shiny holes over the screws and you are good to go and the mat is still in place but you have free access. MAKE magazine which normally has high quality hacks really dropped the ball on this one by showing the typical low-brow pull and scrape removal technique.. philistines..butchers.. the AppleTV cries for a more elegant solution than such a barbaric job.

My own AppleTV will be violated soon, once I get some quiet times away from the girls who would want to help dad take it apart. A three year old with a screw driver is a truly frightening thing to behold 🙂 Nothing is safe, not the TV, the radio, the blocks, the boxes not even the dog. My very first task is a bigger hard drive. It is beyond me why Apple is selling this with such a measly hard drive when the Video iPods have 60gig. The good folks over at AppleTVhacks.net have a nice piece on how to do just this without very much pain. They also have a good piece on enabling SSH which I plan to do AND there is a beta of a plugin from the folks at blog.twenty08.com for adding RSS feeds to the Front Row menus.


I gotta get me one of these!!!


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  1. Now if they could get it to work with TVShows to automatically download torrents and have them ready for viewing in your AppleTV. That JUST might pursuade me to get one.

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