June 2, 2007

PVR Revisited

Posted in Commentary at 9:33 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

After using the EyeTV and Elgato hardware for the past three weeks or so, I have learned a few more things.

1: Bluetooth is the only way to go for the mouse and keyboard.

2: The Mini makes an awsome PVR with it’s small form factor and near silent operation.

3: The EyeTV software is crude, no two ways about it. It DOES work but man, after Snapstream it is like going back to a Ford Pinto after having a BMW. They both get you from A to B but the BMW certainly has more style and polish.

4: The sorting of EyeTV sucks. Snapstream made folders for each show and then sorted by date. So far, I can not find a way to do this with EyeTV. Everything is in a larged jumbled list.

5: The Toast burning is ok but like most things with EyeTV, you have to leave the 10 foot menus and use a mouse/keyboard to do it. Total pain in the ass which (sounding like a broken record) SnapStream really did it better. They did all DVD burns from the full screen menus. Now why cant EyeTV get it right?

6: The video editor is a dream for whacking out crap from your datastream before a burn or just to watch. Yes, you gotta use the OSX interface but man does it work well and fast. This is ALOT better than Snapstream which did not have ANY provision to edit the files.

7: Using the Apple remote is touchy at best. You gotta hold the menu button for 2 seconds or you start up front row by mistake..

8: 60 gig is nowhere near enough disk space, plan on an external disk drive from the beginning.

9: So far the recording scheduling has been very reliable. Not easy to use but it does work pretty well.

10: What the hell is so hard about making good full screen software for a Mac PVR???? Where is the port of MythTV for example? Yah.. I know there is a Myth front end but the backend still needs another box with Linux on it. Hey, Snapstream.. get a clue.. port your system over to OSX and watch the bucks roll in as you demo how reliable the Mac is compared to Windows. I remember you guys trying to use dot NET framework and ending up chucking it. Linux is great but I am here to tell you that the install of EyeTV on OSX makes Linux look downright nasty. And while Windows is pretty, having to fight with drivers and stuff like that is not for the faint of heart.

11: I am thinking that hacking an AppleTV with EYeTV would be a beautiful thing. One of these weekends I will get bored and my AppleTV will not be safe 🙂


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