June 3, 2007

Making Art Using iPhoto

Posted in Commentary, OSX Software at 8:54 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

I just completed a new article for Macinstruct site but since they are in the middle of re-making a goodly portion of their site, I have posted my article here for the time being. The article describes a way to recycle pictures or images that normally would be tossed due to technical flaws or they just do not look good. This type of article has been written before but not to my knowledge has someone written it using iPhoto as the tool set. Normally, the authors use something expensive like Photoshop or Aperture. But in my piece called Making Art Using iPhoto, I use the lowly iPhoto software to really dress up a below average image into something that you could be proud of.

I also wrote the article using the newest version of Neo OpenOffice for OSX which is the same basic word processor I used to write my last book. The newest OO is very nice and they are getting the aqua interface to work well with the OO application unlike some of the earlier versions which were a half breed of OSX Aqua and X-Windows.

I also have been using a web based photography training website called “Web Photo School” and I have found useful enough to even give a gift subscription to my brother who is a novice at photography. They offer several free lessons of decent quality and the price for all the lessons is reasonable (under 80 bucks). My only gripe is that they push a single brand of equipment but product placement is a small price to pay for decent lessons on things like using studio flash, portrait shots, large product shoots(I just used this in real life) and more. A second cool site for photography is called “TableTopStudio.com” and they offer a myrid of lessons and ideas on how to shoot small objects like jewelry, glassware etc using flash and lights. They also use the lessons to push their own products but their lessons are free and the information is accurate despite the brandname focus.

I have become addicted to several podcasts on photoshop and photography. I have seen quite a few BAD podcasts but there are some real gems. One of my current favs comes from Germany and is called “Tips from the Top” and can be found on iTunes or their website which really needs some help in spite of the cool podcast. There is the “Russell Brown Show” with tips for Photoshop again on iTunes. A third is called “Photoshop Quick Tips”. For the podcaster, go get “Inside Home Recording” which is full of podcsating tips, equipment reviews and more. Very useful site for anyone with an audio bent.

With the news of AppleTV now supporting You Tube I got very excited as there are several free videos on Final Cut Pro, Avid and Photoshop that I would like to see in a higher quality and I HOPE that Apple will do during the re-encoding that I keep hearing about. A sample on Final Cut Pro can be found here at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myPR5CHbJfw


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