September 5, 2007

Photoshop World Las Vegas Style 2007

Posted in Commentary, OSX Software, OSX Technical at 10:20 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

I made it, in spite of traffic, dismal weather and assorted ills, I made to Las Vegas to attend this years Photoshop World. I signed up for the Epson Print Academy pre-conference class and it was great. It was packed and I was talking to a PW rep who told me that the entire show had sold out which is around 4000-4500 seats total. Each class will be packed so arrive early and be prepared to sit “coach style”. The Epson class was taught by three outstanding instructors, Jeff Schewe, John Paul Caponigro and Andrew Rodney. And what a cast they are, lots of interplay and comments here and there which all add to the fun. The information came fast and furious and they had not given out the handouts we all expected. They did have most of the information on a website but I took notes anyways and I’m glad I did because of the information spoken about, was not on any hand out. Still, what is there is amazing in both quantity and quality. We did get the printed slides from all the other pre-conferences which covers layers, LAB in depth, Digital Photography Workshop, Channels and more. There were a couple of live shoot classes which I had not signed up for which is a good thing since I already had too much stuff to lug around. The rooms were nice enough as conference rooms go and many convention centers could take some lessons from the Mandalay Bay conference center. They really know how to pull these things together well. There is even a half way decent but over priced food court not too far from the classes. Of course, this all made my digs at the Luxor seem very dated and a bit worn. The Noodle House by the Casino makes an excellent Spring roll with sirloin and asparagus tips in the case you want some decent food on the way out at the end of the day.


The class covered an amazing amount of material ranging from dealing with raw files to printing fine art. Jeff did a demo on how to optimize your print for inkjet printing and I was floored by the results and how he got them. I mean, he really fleshed out some ideas I had in my own head from my experiments and results like how much to sharpen for printing. And sharping vs. large prints vs. small prints. The demo where he sharped a print way beyond what we all thought was reasonable was a killer demo since at the end, he printed out the print and it looked spectacular. And he explanation of “why” made very good sense. Rodney covered a crash course in color management and why we should all care… alot about it. John covered fine art printing and the differences of the old skool thinking and new thinking of imagery and printing and photography. He really got you to think in a different ways if you listened with an open
mind to what he had to say. He also had an amazing action for setting up his raw images for multi-use with minimal fuss. Can we say A-R but he does make a twisted sense when you study what he says. To set up the layers grouped by global, local and printing folders so you very quickly adjust or change something is a very good idea.

The idea of using 25% zoom as the default viewing while sharpening is also a very good trick from Jeff. The demo on flipping color to B/W was very interesting since this is something I personally like to experiment with of late.

Funny thing was there was very little about Epson during all this. I mean, Jeff freely admitted that he does not buy ink and paper since Epson gives it all to him but there was very little “sales” during all the demos and lectures. So in a way it was very refreshing but I kinda wish for some hand outs on the new Epson printers and inks. I guess I can get all that tomorrow at the main show.


Sites to go to for good info are:

DigitalDog (fine art)


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