September 7, 2007

On the Road Again

Posted in Commentary at 3:08 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

I’m sitting in a StarBucks in Barstow getting another cuppa ready for the road home and going through some more notes about Photoshop World. While I loved the show, I still dislike Vegas. I dont gamble, I dont hit the strip clubs and I really hate to pay the prices for some of the shows that sound interesting. So there just is not much for me to do there and while I might go out and shoot the city with my Nikon, 105 degrees in the shade discourage that. I think what really soured me today was I found a MacDonalds inside the food court at the Luxor. Salvation is found in the land of Pepsi I thought since MDs is a Coke shop. Sorry, you lose… apparently to get in Vegas, MD sold out and only will you Pepsi. I’ll take tap water first. I had to wait till I got to Stateline to get a real diet coke.

Enough bitching, the final day of the show is tomorrow but I had to leave today and take care of family business and get my dead iMac fixed this weekend. My wife called with the bad news that my beloved iMac took a power hit since the UPS burned out last week and did not come back to life. Figures.. But on MY last day, I managed to get into a class on using CS3 for video. I had no idea how many tools in CS3 are available for working with video. It does not replace FCP or Avid but you can do some really cool stuff with with CS3 and video. I also stumbled into a short presentation on RAW workflow and adjustments at the tech show with Jeff as the presenter. I learned some cool tricks working with RAW that I need to try myself now. I have been shooting raw every since I bought the Nikon D80, RAW on the Sony828 was just too damn painful to use. And I know there is an near religious war about shooting raw vs. shooting JPG but in my world, RAW works well for me.

I did buy a couple of books on making studio widgets on the cheap and hacking digital photography. My biggest purchase was a set of DVDs by Jack Davis on CS3 and his “How to Wow” series plus his new stuff on workflow and more. A cool purchase is a loupe that is used on the camera perview screen so even in broad daylight you can see the screen perfectly and judge how the shots are working out. I figure since I blew out of the hotel a day early, I had some mad money to play with that would have been spent on the room. So it all worked out in the end 🙂

I will write up more detailed comments later but for now, I need to get back on the road to get home. And I will offer this up as advice, if you get the chance to go to a Photoshop World, GO!. Dont walk, dont pass go, just RUN to get your ticket and enjoy the fun. It was well worth the 500 or so bucks for the ticket and classes.


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