September 8, 2007

Home at Last

Posted in Commentary, OSX Software, OSX Technical at 10:46 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Well, after five hours, two bottles of water, a large diet coke, one burger and one Starbucks triple shot , I’m home. The drive is not too bad unless it’s 105 in the shade and then it really sucks because some part of you will be in the sun and roasting even with the AC cranked up in the car. The good news was I missed the closing of the 91 freeway last night and the closing of the 15 today which would have really made the drive miserable.

My camera in my Razor takes better pictures than I give it credit for. I wanted some pictures of the large prints I have written about but the handlers of the George and Photoshop world were very fussy about people using their DSLR to take pictures of someone’s artwork. But the camera phone didnt seem to count as a real camera so here are some shots. Each of the prints were printed on an Epson printer using pigment inks. Each was made up from several images “stitched” together and then enlarged either using CS2/CS3 or one of the many enlarging applications such as Upsize, Genuine Factals, Blowup or Photozoom. George had an interesting slide where he compared four of the methods of enlarging next to each other. One of them was using Photoshop and not going in 10% increments but all at once. There was very little difference that we could see, very little difference. George did admit that in some circumstances, one of the aftermarket packages might work better but he is a big fan of Photoshop’s own Bicubic Smoother for upscaling an image.


The giraffe print was made from 6 hand held shots.


The long print in the foreground was of sunflowers and was amazing to see in person. As I said, each of these pictures were taken with my Razor camera phone. If I had an iPhone, they would have looked better but, I’m looking at getting one of those new and shiny iMacs instead.

In the same class, George made a point of the need to use profiled paper along with profiling your monitor. I happen to use a Huey which was mentioned to be adequate given the cheap price (around 100 bucks). Printer profiles are not that cheap but there are some online services that will profile any paper/ink you have for around 40 bucks.

Are two that he mentioned by name and I personally have heard good things about myself but I have never used them, yet.

George also went into some detail on mounting and presentation of large images. He is not a big fan of the normal frame and glass since it will cost soooo much and not always work well. He showed using a hanging method much like hanging drapes and he covered using canvas wrapped around a frame. Gatorboard was another recommendation. He also showed some techniques to add a 3D effect that looks like a cut grove in the matt around the print. Very effective at punching up the image.

Once I try it myself and get the details straight since it’s one of those things NOT in the book, I will post directions here.

A book I bought, I can not say enough good things about for anyone wanting to shoot studio style images on the cheap, very cheap even. Go get a copy of “Low Budget Shooting” and find a local kite shop supplier.


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