September 17, 2007

Lessons of Windows

Posted in Commentary, OSX Software, OSX Technical at 6:36 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Well, my iLife8 upgrade went much like my Windows upgrades. Half worked and the other half needed to be hacked into place . Not the typical high quality Apple style of software installation. Neither iPhoto worked right or iDVD. In fact, iDVD did not work at all.. just bounced a few times and that was it. No error message, no crash, no warning, nothing at all.

The iPhoto was more tricky since it appeared to work until I wanted to test the export function. Like it was not there at all. I mean, I could select it but zippo happened when I clicked. This one I had an idea about it and my idea was a conflict with one of the iPhoto plugins I use. This leads to a problem with Apple’s upgrade. They leave an open architecture for plugins, then they change it ALOT and never check or warn the user that the plugins need to be disabled. Most Apple users are clueless to what a plugin is or even where to go to change them. I didnt know where the iPhoto plugins are but I found a great link and blog entry on this very item at They have some great directions there for fixing this problem. In my case, I deleted one of the new files from the upgrade by mistake so I had to use Pacifist to get the new file off the install DVD and put it back since reinstalling was not a good option.

So in about 30 minutes, I had iPhoto’s flickr plugin removed and a plugin from a FTP file archive script I had tried AND I replaced the old Apple FileExporter.iPhotoExporter plugin which conflicts with the new version called FileExporter2.iPhotoExporter plugin. Way to go Apple, this is typical of Mickysoft, not Apple.

Here is copy of the directions from
Just figured out another thing you can do (thanks Terence) – open Finder, go to Applications and right click on the iPhoto icon, then select Get info.

In the info window expand the plugins menu and disable the suspecting plug-in. Go one at a time, restart iPhoto and try export. Once you figured out which one is the troublemaker, select it and click Remove. Restart iPhoto and enjoy.

The iDVD was interesting, Google had a Apple support page on this right at the very top which tells me that there is whole lotta of borked iDVD apps out there. The end result was having to remove the old templates and reinstall them. I guess with the upgrade from 5 to 6 and now to 7 is too much for Apple to account for. My Mini which has only ever known version 6 upgraded just fine. My iMac which did the 5 to 6 shuffle borked on the 7 upgrade. A few minutes deleting the old templates and a few more putting them back off the DVD and life was good. Now, as a long time Windows sufferer, this was a pretty mild case of installationborking but to Apple users, more so the new switchers who have their heads filled with Apple perfection, this is not acceptable at all.

Here is a reprint of Apple’s directions to get iDVD working again.
Issue or symptom

iDVD ’08 may unexpectedly quit when opened for the first time, after installation.

Affected products:

iDVD ’08

Have your iLife ’08 installation disc nearby before performing the following steps.

Erase the following folders from your hard drive:
/Library/Application Support/iDVD/Themes/iDVD 1
/Library/Application Support/iDVD/Themes/iDVD 2
/Library/Application Support/iDVD/Themes/iDVD 3
/Library/Application Support/iDVD/Themes/iDVD 4

Erase the following folder from your home directory:
~/Library/Application Support/iDVD/Installed Themes
Note: The tilde (~) represents your home directory.

Reopen iDVD ’08, create a new project and wait for the Updating themes progress bar to complete before quitting the application again. You only need to do this once.
To Reinstall Themes 1-4:

Insert the iLife ’08 installation disc.
Open the iLife ’08 installer package.
In the Installation Type window, select Customize.
Expand the iDVD checkbox and make sure iDVD Extra Content is selected.
Deselect all other checkboxes and proceed with the installation.
Open iDVD ’08 and open a project.
Click Themes.
From the Themes drop-down menu, choose Old Themes.
Select any of the faded-out theme thumbnails.
Follow the onscreen instructions to install all of the themes originally erased by using Software Update or the iLife ’08 installation disc

In my case, these directions worked perfectly and I now have a happy iDVD app again.


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  1. Wayne said,


    Thanks a LOT for the iDVD tip – saved my tush!!!

    All the best,


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