October 12, 2007

More S3

Posted in Commentary, OSX Software, OSX Technical at 10:54 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

The S3 adventure has been going great guns around here. Here are some notes from getting my Mac on two WAN connections so one is for my daily stuff and the other is for the uploads I’m always doing. This post was put up originally at pixelcorps.com where I also live for a while each day.

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I thought I should detail how I’m running dual WAN connections at my home office and why.

I have mentioned that I am using the Amazon S3 server farm to archive my critical data and not just images but key files like spreadsheets, PDFs etc. The cost is very cheap. For example, last month I archived 9 gig to the S3 servers and it cost me 98 cents.

So this type of backup is very dependent on your upload speed. My cable is 312 Kbps upstream but I was able to get DSL with an upload of 512 for twenty four bucks a month. So what I did was some research on what IP addresses Amazon was using for their S3 farm and some simple adding of routes to my Mac.

I should mention that I run OSX but Windows can do this but its a bit more effort. I added a couple of statements that look like this:

route -n add
route -n add

Now typically, I shy away from using whole ranges of IPs but in this case, AmazonS3 bounces around alot of them in a round robin which is good for load balancing but not so good for route statements. So you put in the subnet for the S3 servers and call it a day.

So now any packet destined for the and subnet will exit my Mac via the wireless to the DSL while my day to day stuff will continue to use my ethernet port and my cable connection.

Works well, in fact I have 500 meg or so going up right now as I type this post. Works great, lasts a long time.. assuming I put it all in a batch file or script that loads each time I boot up

So now I have a failover for my cable connection, a 2nd link for high speed uploads and a way to keep my uploads from screwing around with my downloads. All for the princely sum of 24 dollars a month in addition to my cable bill.

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I should say that the new beta 2 of Snitch is way cool. They really made some cool improvements to the interface. Now you can get alot more detail and be more granular on the filters. The best feature is the network monitor that can be visible or not. You see the connection history and the activity on a graph or copy it to clip board with numbers.


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