October 26, 2007

The New Cat in Town

Posted in Commentary, OSX Software at 9:54 am by Michael Sweeney Media

I have had the last current dev copy of Leopard running now for a few weeks on a new MacBoo Pro. I have to say, it’s impressive. It’s fast and very stable. I have not had a single crash at the OS level yet.

Firefox has had some teething problems as the Cisco VPN client refuses to work. My upgrade from Tiger failed completely. I had to boot leopard, whack the drive and install from scratch so words of warning there for you. Many of my daily apps such as SOHO Notes did not work right or at all until the vendors issued the Leopard patches. Some apps dont seem to care one way or the other. Open Office never missed a beat. Yep works well as does my serial port driver for my Keyspan USB to serial adapter.

If you dig back, I ripped on Time Machine a while back as sloooooow. It’s much better now, not as fast as Superduper but very much improved and slick, oh my god, slickest app going for backups that are painless to use.

The iLife apps like iPhoto rips on Leopard and with the new screen on the MBP, I’ve died and gone to heaven. Photoshop works very well, I think better under Leopard than under Tiger. It’s faster or at least faster responding and loading.

My new Sprint EVDO RevA card kicks on Leopard, I did not have to either activate the card on windows or even load a driver. It worked just by plugging it in.

I love the new preview mode of the folders and files. I can open up a directory of PDFs and see niffty thumbnails now without having to use a 3rd party app or try and remember what that cryptic name really meant.

I have not had any issues with sharing my SImple NAS drive via SMB or mounting up shares on any of my other Macs. Leopard even worked with my Netapp SAN at the office without a single complaint. Wireless has been good, I think better than Tiger but I never kept Tiger on my MBP long enough to get a real feel for it.

I have not tried the dual boot for Windows yet, I have the partition set but not enough time. VMware works well and so far that has been good enough.


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