November 24, 2007

Busy Week

Posted in Commentary, OSX Software at 1:09 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

I have been somewhat distracted in the past few weeks between Leopard arriving, shooting the red carpet at the American Music Awards and then, our fourth daughter arrived at 5:15am Friday. She had the good grace to let my wife enjoy my thanksgiving feast that I cook up each year and she did not take too long in the delivery room. All in all, a very accommodating child so far 🙂

When I got the gig to shoo the AMA red carpet and private party afterwards, I bought a new SD800 flash and rented a 18-200mm VRII Nikon lens which proved to be a lifesaver at the event. Between the reach of the 200mm zoom and the vibration reduction, I was able to get some killer shots


My client was Johnny Rockets and I had almost full access to everything at the event. The contact sheet is just a small sample of the pictures from that shoot.

I have been using Leopard on my new MBP and I have to say, it rocks. It is quirky at times but overall it just rocks. I have not had a single crash of the OS yet. Some of my apps are twitchy but as the vendors patch them for Leopard, things have calmed down alot. Photoshop just plain screams on Leopard. I have been working on some 24×36 inch posters and it’s a joy on the MBP. My iMac is nice but I did a new install of 10.4 on a firewire drive and I see just how dogged out my current installation is for some reason. So I’m slowly building a new install on the firewire drive and I will move it over as “live” in a few weeks. I suspect since my current install was transfered from two other machines (G5 to Intel to new Intel) that something did not quite make it. With a clean install, 10.4 works much better. I have to keep 10.4 on my iMac since virtually none of my scanning apps are ready for Leopard yet and thats a problem for me.

You can see my new poster here.

The new iDVD and iPhoto are really nice. I did not have any issues on my MBP like I did on my iMac and I was able to make a DVD for JR in less that 6 hours which was uploading two flash cards, sorting the images, applying minor touchup/cropping and building the DVD complete with JR playlists for music. The rendering still takes a while but it never missed a beat and did a fine job with something like 200 images.

If you are a fan of Little Snitch, you really owe it to yourself to get the new version 2.0 and install it. They really did a nice job on improving it and making it more usable. I was able to work out the Amazon S3 servers ip subnets by using it and watching the rules that needed to be built when I used S3 services. Handy stuff.


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