January 16, 2008

A new kind of Cat

Posted in Commentary at 9:36 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Years ago that was the tag line for the Mercury Cougar but today, it applies very well to the new Leopard OS from Apple. I have been using it now every day since it went gold on my MBP and after some teething issues, it has been pretty nice. There are still some issues but they are slowly getting put to bed by each update. The worst one was the stuttering mouse after a wakeup from Sleep. A quick patch was to turn off Bluetooth but the last 10.5.1 update killed the bug. Battery life is consistently less than what I got in my Powerbook, only 2.5-3 hours max. And it’s slow to charge, gotta keep those cells from expanding. I did hack my dock to a nice deep red  and ditched that nasty reflective look. I keep waiting for a couple of my X apps to get updated since Apple remade the X subsystem and broke alot of stuff. Yes, I know I could replace the entire subsystem with Tigers but the reality is that I can wait and I will.CS3 is screaming fast under Leopard, I am so stoked that I almost loath to use my iMac which is still tiger due to some weird apps I need to use. I see more and more apps getting patched for Leopard and alot of my stuff already worked so life is pretty good at this point.I bought the Macheist again this year for the Pixelmator and Cha-Ching apps. Such a deal and a decent cause on top of it. I put Soho notes on my systems to compare against Yojimbo and even though I bought and paid for Yo, I yanked it out in a few days. SOHO notes is just so much better across the board. I use it for web archives, notes, passwords, serial numbers and more.I put a Terrastation up finally and with the newest firmware performance via smb sucks. Now, with that said, moving files via FTP is pretty fast so I have been backing up my 200 gig or so of images using FTP. Now I just need to get me one of those niffy new APs with the 1Tb drive in it from Apple. Time Machine with a TB? oh yeah baby.. thats soooo nice.Been shooting alot with the Nikon of late.. been making posters and other fun stuff at Zazzle.  Go by and take a look at http://www.zazzle.com/wybnormal. I’m also over at http://lightandimages.smugmug.com/ with some stuff.  I got my basic studio parts together finally and have been playing with the strobes and my cheapo backdrop. oliviaThis was taken with a single SB800 shooting into a white umbrella. ISO of 200 and shutter of 1/60. This was the kit lens of 18-135mm at something like 60mm. I was pretty impressed with how nicely it turned out. I did use one of my newest favorite packages called PhotoTools Pro which is a CS3 plugin. It has a bunch of actions from people like Jack Davis and his “How to Wow” series and others. So I used a high pass sharpening, mild skin blur and a bit of toning to bring up those baby blues to their max. I did second shoot but really went a different direction with the image as you can see here.Washed and TintedA much more “fashion” look but again, single SB800 shooting into an umbrella.  It’s funny how in school I hated studio work but here I am building a small studio and I am actually enjoying it more than I thought I would. go figure. 


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