February 2, 2008

Busy, busy, busy…

Posted in Commentary, OSX Software at 7:41 am by Michael Sweeney Media

Yep, that pretty much explains my life for the past few months. It was interesting how more complicated a third child can make one’s life. And I thought two little ones made it tough. This is not a linear progression 🙂

I have been having alot of fun with my flashes and umbrellas of late and the wife is long suffering about having tripods, light stands and backdrops up in the front room 24×7 lately. To be sure, we have gotten some very nice portraits of the girls when I can pin them down for a few moments in time.


This portrait was taken with my D80 and I used two SB800 flashes shooting into two white umbrellas. The back drop is a piece of black fleece hanging from my cheap but useful background holder I bought from B&H. I did my post processing in Lightroom and CS3. ISO was 200 at F8 and about 40mm.

I have been gathering ideas and details on how to actually get paid for photography in some manner. I joined the PPA a few months back and it’s only been now that I have been able to really see what I joined. Equipment insurance for cheap, liability insurance for cheap and nice legal forms are all part of the package. The insurance alone makes me alot more comfortable in thinking about shooting weddings which up to now I have been avoiding like the plague. I did get a few new books, one of which is by Glen Johnson called “Digital Wedding Photography – Capturing beautiful Memories”. Alot of good information and ideas and pictures. I really like this book for starting to learn about getting the wedding pictures right.

New websites are slideshowPro for Lightroom. Make a very cool flash presentation for your website with this app. Photocamel (what a name) has a very active forum and some way cool interviews posted. Another cool site is a site dedicated to shooting real estate pictures like interiors and exteriors for listings etc. The owner of the site is very active and shares his knowledge with the photography community readily. He has an eBook for 15 bucks that is worth every penny if you ever thought about taking pictures of homes professionally or even just really nice shots for yourself.

Speaking of Lightroom, I added an extra gig of ram to my iMac (3 total) and Lightroom really works well now 🙂 Go figure, like anything else, the more RAM the better I suppose. My reinstall of OSX after three upgrades and migrations worked very well in clearing away the weird problems I was having with the Lightroom export and DRM. Also with Lightroom, I have fallen in love with the print module. This is what CS3 should have but doesnt. I bought a new (read as refurbed) HP A616 5×7 printer for 40 bucks which included a real ink cartridge. I also bought the bluetooth adapter and now from Lightroom I can rip out 4×6 cards with my logo and the image really easy.


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