May 25, 2008

Being too busy and lazy

Posted in Commentary at 3:00 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Blogging is hard work, dont kid yourself. Between the day job, the wannbe job and the kids, life never slows down around here. So in a nutshell, what has been happening?

1: My best bud died a few weeks back. That would be my dog, Nicky. He was 15 years old and old age and cancer finally caught up with him in the end.

2: I’m moving forward on being VMware certified and just finished one week of training to that end. VMware is amazing software both the high stuff like ESX and Fusion on my Mac.

3: I’ve gotten three podcasts out the door as a test. They will revolve around taking better travel pictures but for now, I have located them in Disneyland since what you learn there will transfer to almost any other travel trip. Go over to youtube for a sample at

4: I bought a new headset/mic for the podcasts and Skype. I got the Sennheiser PC166s with the USB soundcard widget. Works very well on my Macs. Great sound and the mic is really and clean. I have a low pitched voice which makes it hard for a lot of mics to pick up well but these work the best so far aside from my Snow Ball.

5: I signed up for Photoshopworld 08 in Las Vegas so I will be repeating last years fun again. This time I got a room in Mandalay bay instead of the Luxor which means no 15 min walk just to get there in the AM. Plus cool stuff to do in the evening.

6: I rented an 18-200 Nikon VR zoom and I love the VR but I hate the 800 dollar price tag. But after going through alot of my travel/Disney shots, I find that many are in the 18-50mm range of zoom and that Nikon has a “kit” lens of 18-55mm with VR technology. Now, the lens is 170 bucks at Ritz Camera and it’s not a high end lens. Plastic mounts etc cut corners but at 170 dollars, I can afford to wear one out a year. All I care is that the VR works and it does so says my testing so far. So, 800 vs. 170.. sounds like a good deal to me 🙂

7: I have been using the new iMovie 8 and I’m getting used to it. It really does work well for a slash and burn fast video production. I still use iMovie 6 for some of my plugins but 8 is much faster to work with because how they changed the rendering. In iMovie 6, I would apply a filter and I had to wait for all the rendering to get done. In iMovie 8, I apply the filter and wham.. I can see it right away. Only what I see is rendered with the filter. Or at least until I save it all. Huge time saver.. I did the above podcast with iMovie8 for the most part.


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