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Just a geek who started with Apple in the 80s and went to the dark side for twenty years and the dark times of Apple. I saw the light and came back about one and half years ago just in time for the Tiger upgrade to Panther. My Apple count went from one to five in a year with two iMacs, a powerbook, an iBook, an intel mini, a G4 mini and a MBP for the eldest daughter for her college years. Needless to say, in over twenty years of IT, I’ve seen and done alot which gives me a slightly different perspective on OSX and Apple.
Hacking on the Mac
This picture was taken on a Geek Cruise called “Macmania” where we wandered around the med for ten days and took more pictures than any reasonably sane person would 🙂


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  1. jtolles said,

    Hiya Joe,

    A quick question you may be able to answer quickly. I am a high school English teacher. I am trying to self publish a writing collection on LuLu. My tech people created the book in Pages then converted to a pdf. I suggested Lulu for a publisher. The whole project is finished on our end BUT now Lulu won’t accept the pdf because it was “created on a MAC.” Does that make any sense? Is there a way to get around this?

    Thanks for listening.


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